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*****NNAN Natural Nano UPDATE*****

Monday August 29th 2011

Apparently there has been no follow through so far in NNAN. Natural Nano (NNAN.OB) is a nanomaterials stock that has a cancer twist to it. NNAN‘s sexy story has also brought many penny stock scalpers off of the sidelines and into the stock.

However, Dr Michael King, who is a researcher for Cornell University apparently made a presentation at a Cancer Summit in Washington last week, but no PR has been released with the text from the conference.

At the time of this entry Natural Nano is trading exactly flat, but penny stock investors should ask themselves one question. Why didn’t Natural Nano release Dr. Kings recent findings ?

The management team of Natural Nano seems to usually be efficient when releasing PR’s. For instance, they recently announced that the company had a 54% increase in sales and reduced their operating losses by 75%.

To the naked eye of a penny stock trader, these results seem impressive, but others have poked holes in these numbers as well. For instance, NNAN currently only has 7k in cash and the company’s liabilities dwarf their meager cash position ?

Does this mean some sort of private placement or cash infusion is on the way ? Is a big promo coming ? Only time will tell, but for now, as we said before, just monitor the PR’s. Especially the text of Dr. King’s presentation. Either way, regardless of your bias, keep Natural Nano on your penny stock list.

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Natural Nano (NNAN) Stock Soars

NNAN Natural Nano   NNANOn Wednesday, those who were lucky enough, saw massive percentage gains in shares of Natural Nano (OTC:NNAN). penny stocks to buy today Shares were up 240% at one point in the day and traded over 132 million shares. Now that is impressive volume, despite the fact thatNatural Nano is a sub penny stock.

Shares of Natural Nano rallied on the news of a presentation by Dr. Michael King who engages in research at Cornell University. Dr. King was slated to speak yesterday on the subject of Natural Nano‘s Halloysite Nanotubes, and how they target cancer cells. The conference was Dr. King spoke at was held in Washington.

Now at the time of this entry, no text of Dr. King’s presentation have been released, and shares have pulled back 25%. So was this recent PR just fluff ? Well that remains to be seen. As we have mentioned before, penny stocks are generally event or news driven investments. That is simply why they are so speculative, and Natural Nanois no different from the rest. Especially since it’s a cancer related penny stock.

Natural Nano Making A Splash

Now at this point, it’s probably best to wait for the text of Dr.. King’s presentation to be released by the company before acting. If Dr. King was well received, Natural Nano could obviously spin this in a positive manner, and bring even more sub penny players in from the sidelines.

Natural Nano has already broken last May’s weekly volume record and is now on the radar of many penny stock traders and IHUB message board followers. So add Natural Nano NNAN to your penny stock list and keep a close eye on the company’s next PR.

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Trading Currency Futures | Penny Stocks


trading currency futures Trading Currency FuturesTrading currency futures can be an exciting and lucrative investment activity. However, one should understand the subtle differences between trading currency futures and the forex spot market before trying to engage in this financial exchange. The essential difference lies in the timing involved in trading futures.

In a typical spot market investment, stocks, commodities and other goods are traded at an agreed upon price immediately after bargaining is finished. This is what most people imagine when they think of Wall Street, fast-paced negotiations over stock prices followed by quick sales. In futures’ markets, these situations are altered by the use of futures’ contracts. These contracts bind the two traders involved and force them to buy or sell the stocks or other goods in question at a future date for a certain price. penny stocks live Obviously, everyone involved is betting on a particular change to occur in the value of that stock or other good between the time of the contract’s initiation and its end.

Trading Currency Futures and the Foreign Exchange Spot Markets

Trading currency futures involves a similar contract, but in regards to the value of a particular pair of currencies. Each member of the pair has a specific currency that he or she would like to exchange. People engage in the foreign exchange spot market whenever they go to a bank or some other financial institution and exchange their money for some foreign currency. Trading currency futures brings together two currency holders who agree on an exchange price but do not immediately enact the exchange.

These futures are used to defend one’s self against fluctuations in the value of a currency. If someone is going to receive a lot of a particular currency in the future but is concerned about the currency’s value at that point in the future, he or she may try to sell a futures contract on that amount of currency to lock in a certain exchange rate in some other more stable currency. This prevents a trader from suffering loss just because the currency in which he or she is going to be paid loses value.

Trading currency futures is also a form of speculation in which a trader can profit from the rise and fall of currency exchange rates. As with other investments, if someone sells futures at a higher price than they bought them, they keep the profit. Outside the timing requirement, trading currency futures is not that much different from trading any other investment found on the market.

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milv mistral ventures MILV   MISTRAL VENTURESIn the recent past sub penny stocks have dominated the most active names group, but Mistral Ventures (MILV:PK)is looking to buck that trend. MILV is a penny stock that has been dead for some time since the shares traded at .69 cents back in 2010.

However, volume has recently picked up, and a decent short term chart seems to building. Can you take a two or three week spike in MILV activity as gospel ? No way, penny stock charts are very different from established large cap charts, but you have to respect the increased activity in MILV.

Shares of MILV traded up on 10/27/11 on volume of over 257 million shares on a PR that said that the company had reached an agreement with an inventor of a common cold and flu medicine. Now you have to ask yourself this question. Did MILV secure a remedy that pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer (PFE:NYSE) and Merck (MRK:NYSE) couldn’t ? Well that remains to be seen, but cold and flu remedies surely put MILV on the map as a quality trading vehicle, and event driven news on the matter could attract the eyeballs of super speculative penny stock traders to the name.

MILV For Agressive Investors

On the fundamental side, according to the most recent filing, MILV only does a little bit more than 10k in revenues. Plus, they only have 4.59k in cash. If you add in the fact that they have about 394k in debt, these numbers make MILV a true spec play, basically only suited for the most aggressive investors.

On the technical side, MILV has a bullish pattern, and is trading above its 50 and 200 DMA’s og 0.003 and 0.002 respectively. There is some support at 0.07 , but resistance looms at the psyche level of .10 cents.

Regardless of your bias, MILV remains a company that needs to be added permanently to penny stock lists.

Remember, penny stocks are news and event driven, and despite a lack of revenues of profits, Mistral Ventures could become a go to trading play if a flu epidemic breaks out. So forget the hype of FDA approvals for now, but still watch MILV.

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Carl Ichan | Penny Stocks


carl lchan Carl IchanAs evidenced by Monday night’s CNBC interview, Carl Ichan is bullish. While he took time to mention that he thought Obama and the Democrats in general were not pro business enough, Mr. Ichan exuded some confidence in the broader markets, feeling they were oversold.

Is the fact that Carl Ichan is bullish enough to bring value buyers back into to the market ? Well, Tuesday’s monster rally might of signaled that there were other like minded PM’s with the same agenda.

Carl Icahn has indicated that he is returning funds to his investors, but will continue to trade his personal funds. When Carl Ichan is bullish it’s generally on an activist level, where he takes large positions and tries to influence of companies that often are out of favor. Here are some of his current positions listed below:

Carl Ichan Watch List

Motorola Mobility Holdings (MMI:NYSE)The chart on MMI looks horrible, but shares are off from the 52 week high of $36.54. The Motorola name doesn’t have the swagger that it once did, but shares could be considered cheap by some, simply because MMI has $10.27 in cash.

Hain Celestial Group (HAIN:NASDAQ) HAIN had an exceptionally strong close on Tuesday, despite the fact that organic food an personal care products might not sell well in an economy that most feel is shaky at best. However, HAIN is a small cap stock with a market cap of $1.23 billion as of the close. So there is certainly room for upside. HAIN is volatile and has a decent sized short position, but is only trading at a little more than 1x sales.

Clorox (CLX:NYSE) Clorox is currently Ichan’s most high profile purchase. Carl Ichan recently made an offer to take the company private at $73 per share. As of Tuesday’s close, shares of CLX were at $67.20 and are paying a dividend in excess of 3.5%, which is nothing to sneeze at considering current interest rates. CLX is exactly the type of name that skitish, defensive type buyers will flock to in an uncertain market. Especially if Carl Ichan is bullish on the name.

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List of Stocks | Penny Stocks

list of stocks List of StocksAs I have mentioned many times in prior entries, forming a list of stocks before you buy or short them is vital in being prepared to trade or invest. Today, I will highlight six stocks that could be volatile during Monday’s trading session. The names range from companies on the NYSE to some of the most volatile hot penny stocks.

All of us know the feeling of hearing or reading about relevant news on a stock, and then pulling up the symbol only to find that the blue chip, mid cap or penny stock had already moved 5 or 10 percent in either direction. Then you wonder why you missed the trade and become upset. This list of stocks will basically give you a blurb and a catalyst to prepare  for Monday’s trading. Please remember, information is the key to being prepared, and if you know the story in advance, it doesn’t matter whether the stock is a large cap Chinese internet company or a silver penny stock. Having an opinion in advance makes investing easier, especially when dealing with fast rising stocks.

Here are some names to watch for Monday. They are listed below :

NYSE Euronext (NYX.NYSE) The stock has been all over CNBC and Bloomberg. On Friday, the NASDAQ OMX Group (NDAQ:NASDAQ) and Intercontinental Exchange (ICE:NYSE) threw in versus Deutsche Boerse and offered $11.3 Billion. The stock rallied sharply Friday and could follow through next week. However, New York Senator Charles Schumer voiced his concern about potential job cuts. With politics in the mix, we could see even more volatility in shares of the most prestigious exchange in the world.

Avalon Rare Metals (AVL:AMEX) Avalon was the top gainer on the AMEX Friday. Shares of this rare earth name, and even rare earth penny stocks, often piggyback the performance of Molycorp (MCP:NYSE). Many say that window dressing rallied the rare earth sector last week. Look for Monday to be a tell tale sign for a continuation of this rally. If not these rising stocks could turn into dogs quickly.

Urbana Corporation (UBAA.PK) Now this is a funky story. Urbana is technically a closed end mutual fund, but some investors confuse it with a penny stock. The catalyst is that they own a stake in CBOE Holdings (CBOE:NASDAQ) which has also been caught up and become volatile in the exchange takeover mania. Shares of Urbana are low priced and under $2, but may rise or fall in the short term, on the success or failure of the newsy volatile exchanges. Although, Urbana does trade at a discount to NAV.

Jammin Java Corp (JAMN:OB) Shares of this penny stock set a 52 week high on Friday. Possibly based on the heels of a Thursday PR that highlighted the selling of JAMN.OB – Jammin Java coffee on Amazon. This seems to be one of those penny stocks that could go either way on Monday. Although, sometimes rising penny stocks follow through after investors research them over the weekend. Especially after they have hit new highs. But, be careful, the plug could also get pulled.

Encounter Tecnologies (ENTI.PK) You always have to save room on a list of stocks for the current most popular IHUB message board. Regardless if it is a sub penny pink sheet stock or not. And at the time of this entry, ENTI is the king of the IHUB board. Shares of this online video and distribution broke the 20 million share mark on Friday. While the dollar amount is not impressive, the share amount is. This type of volume …

9 Stocks to Watch | Penny Stocks


Here are some stocks to watch for Thursdays session. These names range from large caps to penny stocks. Add the symbols to your list of symbols for tomorrow.

aapl stock 9 Stocks to WatchApple Computer (AAPL:NASDAQ) Beat estimates, and up in the aftermarket and could lead the NASDAQ either higher or lower on Thursday. AAPL will certainly be newsy tomorrow. So watch the talking heads. Their comments could lead to some quality scalps. Also, look for sympathy trades in Apple related stocks.

sagent pharmceuitcals 9 Stocks to WatchSagent Pharamceuitcals (SGNT:NASDAQ) This one came out of nowhere. Sagent is a pharma IPO that many thought would open flat. Instead the stock was up over 4 points at its high. Who says the IPO market is getting weak ?

compass diversified holdings 9 Stocks to WatchCompass Diversified Holdings (CODI:NASDAQ) Came up on the insider buying radar today. This is usually a good sign. Plus, the stock is almost in the middle of its trading range.

chipotle mexican grill 9 Stocks to WatchChipolte Mexican Grill (CMG:NYSE)
This rocket ship was down big on earnings in afer hours trading. Remember, these volatile, sub 10 billion dollar market cap stocks are traded heavily by hedge funds. This increases volatility and is not for the feint of heart. Probably best to sit on the sidelines with this one. Regardless if you are leaning long or short.

yahoo 9 Stocks to WatchYahoo (YHOO:NASDAQ) This stock seems like cement and never seems to move in either direction. The story is great and the fundamentals seems solid. Still probably best to wait for a move, unless you are the buy and hold type.

allied security 9 Stocks to WatchAllied Security Innovations (ADSV.PK) Once again, I am highlighting the most active IHUB message board. This name could be active with sub penny stock players in the AM. Especially the penny stock scalpers.

sprint nextel stock 9 Stocks to WatchSprint Nextel (S:NYSE) Just can’t seem to break the 5 dollar level with any conviction. Great story, but something seems to be missing. However this low priced NYSE name does have somewhat of a cult following.

intel intc stock 9 Stocks to WatchIntel (INTC:NASDAQ) Up big today after earnings. Is this finally turnaround time of stodgy old Intel. Seems to have eyes for $22. Remember this name used to be a great trading stock. But are those days gone forever ?

lithium exploration group 9 Stocks to WatchLithium Exploration (LEXG:OB) This stock has been a juggernaut recently. The penny stock set a new high today after a PR. However, the short term chart is looking a little parabolic.

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live trading rooms LIVE TRADING ROOMSMany day traders and speculative investors have tried their luck using livetrading rooms. In these rooms subscribers are given multiple real time trading ideas by live and in some cases professionaltraders. By subscribing to one of these internet based platforms, subscribers not only have participated in real time equity ideas, but Forex and S&P futures plays as well.

Well how do they work ? Livetrading rooms frequently offer free trial memberships to induce interested traders into becoming paid members. Some of the more established sites usually offer free trial that range from 1 to 7 days. While the lesser known operations will often offer a free subscription for as long as a month.

Although I am currently not subscribing to any livetrading rooms, I have in the past. Not only as a free member, but as a paid subscriber as well. So I will touch on some of my experiences with live stock rooms with these unnamed outfits below :

I’ll start on a positive note, and one plus of using some livetrading rooms is the access to breaking news. However, most don’t offer it. Especially the sites that have lower membership fees. We all know how tough it is to efficiently watch a Level 2 screen and either keep an eye or ear on the tube to find out what David Faber or Jim Cramer is saying. It’s even harder for some to focus on trading when listening to the constant burst of information that comes through the internet based squawk box news services that so many traders use for news now. Especially if you are scalping or attempting to rebate trade. So having a one stop trading ideas/news service where you can just simply just watch your monitor can often reduce distractions.

Another plus of subscribing and taking ideas from others is that there are actually a few solid, profitable traders working for these websites. I can recall three individuals that I once followed that had tremendous prolonged hot streaks, and all of them had different styles. Now you are probably asking yourself this question right now. If John Doe from XYZ Trading is making so much money then why is he giving out ideas in a livetrading rooms ? The answer is pretty simple. Many of these traders handle their own account’s and supplement their income with member subscription fees and purchases of add on products, banner ads etc. Keep in mind that it doesn’t take very long for a tech savvy person who trades professionally, to post a trade and it’s entry/exit points on a platform, and maybe follow it up with a quick blurb on the stock. The downside for the subscriber is that the person you are following is often in a profitable trade before you act.

On the flip side there are negatives too. Some livetrading rooms do a better job at advertising than others, and a particular site caught my eye during a Google search. I signed up for a free membership, and as usual, I followed their trades for a couple of weeks without acting in my own account. What I found with this livetrading rooms (Which is still in operation) is that they constantly recommended and scalp plays in less liquid ultra high beta, stocks that were over $100 and often over $200 per share. Now this strategy might sound like your cup of tea, but many veteran day traders preach to stay away from names that are under $5 and over $100 for the reasons I mentioned above. Liquidity and …


investing overseas INVESTING OVERSEASTen or 15 years ago, investing overseaswas viewed differently. Back then retail clients would often use foreign stocks and bonds almost as a hedge against their domestic holdings. For instance, if the U.S economy and markets were under performing, it didn’t automatically equate to selling pressure being put on Japanese or European equities and debt.

Now, because of China’s surge and the more recent European debt problems, we have seen U.S. markets react to almost every news flash, which as you know, has made the broader averages more choppy and volatile than we have seen in some time.

However, investing overseas does have it’s advantages, and has history has shown us, some foreign stocks and bonds probably will revert back to showing different percentage returns than the domestic names that we follow here in America.

Here are a few tidbits to look at on investing overseas below:

DIVERSIFICATION- Some financial advisors recommend that clients hold any where from 5 to 15 percent of their assets in foreign investments. Keep in mind that the portion reserved for investing overseas could become higher as our economies become even more similar.

EMERGING MARKETS- Usually through mutual funds, investors have frequently chased high returns in speculative, potentially high growth countries in the past. This trend will obviously continue due to the difficulty and high costs of buying illiquid stocks in foreign countries.

ACCOUNTING PRACTICES- There has been much talk recently about the grey area thatChinese reverse merger stocks are in. Bob Pisani has frequently highlighted names that have used this loophole to circumvent the SEC’s IPO process. As a rule of thumb, you should never unload on these types of ideas, no matter how promising they sound. Increased due diligence should be used as well.

Check back for individual equity ideas for investing overseas.

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GROUPON IPO | Penny Stocks


groupon ipo GROUPON IPOThe much sought after Groupon IPO seems to be on the calendar again. Unfortunately for Groupon, they were a little late to the party. Speculative internet companies like Pandora (P:NYSE) and Renren (RENN:NASDAQ) took advantage of the broader market conditions and a roaring IPO market and captured a first day valuation that is regretted by many investors who went long the respective names.
But that was the market back then, and we all have seen how quickly conditions change. During our last phase of IPO mania, Groupon had a valuation that was much larger than many of the recent past offerings. IPO services still expected shares of Groupon to be heavily oversubscribed with a sizable first tick premium that is usually only seen in smaller deals.
Now how will a Groupon IPO play out now ? Well that remains to be seen, especially since social media icon companies like Facebook and Zynga have pushed back their plans to go public in the near term. However, if Europe doesn’t implode, it’s probably still reasonable to say that a Groupon IPO could be at least 10 to 20x oversubscribed because of it’s name brand and impressive roster of VC investors.

GROUPON IPO Has Investors Busy

Just keep one thing in mind when the Groupon IPO trades. Shorts swarmed on LinkedIn (LNKD:NASDAQ) which is obviously a step up in quality from some of the hotter IPO’s that have traded in the past two quarters. So if Groupon trades in October or November as some are estimate, don’t get too excited for a monster aftermarket trade. Based on the recent trend, the talking heads will probably be constantly discussing the date when shares of Groupon will be available to borrow to short. They did it with LinkedIn and within 5 days, LNKD dropped more than 50 points from it’s first day high.
So for now, take the Groupon IPO hype with a grain of salt if you are expecting to only play it on an aftermarket basis.

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OTC penny stocks

The OTCBB is the essence of capitalism, it represents small companies fighting for survival in a world dominated by BIG CORPORATIONS. That is probably what draws us to this market, we are cheering for the Under Dog. Our investment in a penny stock company is “venture capital” that keeps these companies afloat while they struggle towards profitability. We have told many of my friends that investing in microcap stocks is like investing in Joe’s Garage in your neighborhood, except riskier. At Least you can stop by and visit with Joe and see how the business is performing. With OTCBB companies the financial information is usually limited and most of the news releases are actually press releases furnished and written by the companies themselves so your information is a little bias or tainted. You are investing based on MOMENTUM and nothing more in most cases. The trick is having the experience and knowledge to stay ahead of the information and identify momentum trends so you can capitalize on OTC Bulletin Board opportunities. That is where we become priceless.
annually and you can subscribe to the “Best written Penny Stocks Newsletter on the Planet.”

We work hard to provide our subscribers with stock picks that we believe, based on our investing experience, will move quickly and with gains between 25% and 100% .

Our picks are selected independently by our staff, and we DO NOT accept compensation from the companies featured.

We focus on: Sub Penny Stocks, Cannabis Stocks, Penny Stocks Trading, Penny Stock List, OTCBB News and Research. In a single trading day, you can EARN a 100% plus gain on your OTCBB investment or lose your entire stake.  Most Penny stocks are controlled by Market Makers who move the stock so quickly up and down that either you can’t buy them before they have spiked up, or you can’t sell them before they have fallen through the floor.

Since February of 2000, we have been presenting penny stocks every week that we believe have the greatest potential to rise by 20% to 40% over a few days.  Our experience showed us that these stocks give the investor the best opportunity, in our opinion,  to receive a reasonably high return with less downside risk and less trading problems than you find with pump and dump stock picks.  We clearly post our track record for the last four years on the “Scoreboard” page and suggest that our visitors review our record before subscribing.  Our penny stock newsletter and penny stocks web site is designed to share our opinions and penny stock picks developed from our years of experience and knowledge as penny stock investors. We also explain OTCBB strategies and ways to research otcbb stocks that we have used to make money in the OTC Bulletin Board Market.

Thank you for visiting our OTCBB website, we realize you have a busy schedule and we appreciate you
spending some time with us. The staff wanted to introduce ourselves to our visitors who want to know more
about the people behind Penny Stock Advisory Newsletter.To give you an idea of our background and experience, Ray and I have been investing in stocks and real
estate for over 25 years. Both of us have business degrees, we are owners and operators of small
businesses and we worked for a Fortune 500 company that is one the largest corporations in the world for
over 15 years.Penny Stock Advisory Newsletter started three years ago during the final phase of the biggest “Bull
Market” we have ever seen. Since that time the markets have fallen