Day Trading Penny Stocks | Day Trade Small Cap Shares Successfully

If you wish today traffic shares this means that you will buy and sell bonds on the same day, infrequently you will grip them is to the aptest segment of the day and other times only for a couple of mins and only about never overnight. A financier but prefers to keep bonds for a long time of time and will float out the marketplace fluctuations in a routine well known as funds appreciation. There are both pros and cons for any method.

These traders will use the intra-day sensitivity of these bonds to buy and sell consequently to make money, and can frequently make countless entries into the same batch over the day. Volatility is such a necessity to be able to make conform to returns! It does not matter that way the broad marketplace is trending, you will always find micro hat shares that are rarely flighty and relocating in an upwards trend.


Although sensitivity is a fantastic thing when day trading micro hat shares it does not advance without its dangers since as rapidly as a batch moves up, it can spin around even quicker and you end up with a loss.If you are new and make a lot of these mistakes early on and have as well ample of your funds invested you can end up with losing all your allowance really quickly. If you recollect to only ever traffic with the allowance that you can mean to remove your contingency still go forward with a warning when starting today traffic penny shares as the allure of creation considerable increase comes with it an ample larger risk.

Be careful of apropos held up in what is well known in the attention as a ‘pump and dump’ unfolding that frequently occurs to persons penny shares you might have seen advertised in your spam emails, in that investor’s dash into to buy the share rapidly and then sell off at a distinction and if you’re not rapid sufficient you can end up with a significant loss. The end outcome is you are left keeping bonds in a firm that is useless and you are straight away at a loss.

You should set in reserve the majority of your investment allowance when in quest of today traffic penny bonds and deposit it into more release-minded bonds or other more sound investment options and only traffic with a tiny amount, mainly if you are only starting out. You should bottom that preference by in quest of at how ample of your investment can you means to lose.

In order to start your day trading vocation you should set yourself up with an online brokerage account, preferably a that will give you live marketplace feed (you might have to pay a subscription for this but the final thing you wish to be carrying out is creation decisions on information that is 20 mins ancient!) You then place an order and once filled they will assign you a tiny brokerage fee.

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Penny Stock | The Art Of Picking A Penny Stock? | Penny Stocks List

Should Wiley E. Coyote ever get into buying stocks, I have no doubt he would stack his portfolio with shares of ACME. I’m just not so sure any savvy penny stock investor should follow the economic advice of a coyote.

Investors of the two-legged kind, whether they’re looking at a penny stock or a blue chip behemoth, tend to take a myriad of details into consideration before investing. And so they should.

But a recent study suggests that investors of every stripe take mental short-cuts when it comes to investing…at a time when they should be more rational.

Wall Street gurus and penny stock investors alike it seems, are more likely to purchase newly offered stocks that have an easily pronounceable name, say a pair of Princeton University researchers.

Adam Atler and Danny Oppenheimer found that a stock’s performance immediately after an initial public offering (IPO) appears to be linked to how easily investors (penny stock or otherwise) can pronounce its name and stock ticker symbol.

Danny Oppenheimer, commented, “These findings contribute to the notion that psychology has a great deal to contribute to economic theory.”

The two said the effect also extends to ticker symbols. For example, all things being equal, a stock with the symbol BAL should outgain a stock with the symbol BDL in the first days after an IPO.

“We looked at intervals of a day, a week, six months and a year after IPO,” Atler said. “The effect was strongest shortly after IPO. For example, if you started with $1,000 and invested it in companies with the 10 most fluent names, you would earn $333 more than you would have had you invested in the 10 with the least fluent.”

Oppenheimer acknowledged that their findings do not tell the whole story about the post-IPO success of a stock, not are they good indicators of long-run performance of a penny stock.

“You shouldn’t make changes to your stock portfolio based on our findings. The primary contribution of this paper is to add a piece to the jigsaw of understanding how the markets operate,” said Oppenheimer.

So, what does this mean for the green and seasoned penny stock investor? It means you should still take an exhaustive look at any company you’re interested in. It also means that, in the early stages at least, it doesn’t hurt to find a company with a catchy name and ticker symbol to boot.


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By: John Whitefoot


A seasoned investor with a keen interest in international business and current affairs, John Whitefoot has been working alongside Peter Leeds for the last several years. With over ten years experience in the investing community, Whitefoot is devoted to uncovering the news, trends, and ideas that shape penny stocks on a daily basis.

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Day Trading Penny Stocks | Is Day Trading Penny Stocks For You? 3 Questions To Ask Yourself

Day trading penny stocks is not for each release trader in the market. Some traders delight in the risks and opportunities linked to penny stock trading. Others prefer to play smaller, more consistent profits. It’s vital to know the differences in between micro caps and the rest of the stock market. penny stock trading is a fantastic opportunity for building wealth and financial independence, but in order to figure out if it’s right for you, I recommend asking yourself these unadorned questions.

First off, do you delight in trading quick moving stocks? If so, day trading penny stocks is quite maybe the right avenue for you to take as a trader. Hot micro-cap stocks will often make a go within a release day’s time and will come up nearly without warning, so you have to be ready to go and ready to take a swift profit from the markets! Traders who prefer to practice swing trading or position trading with longer-term stock positions should dodge trading penny stocks and stick to more slow-moving stocks.


Second, are you low on capital? If you are like a lot of traders starting out, the thought of trading is fantastic, but you might only have a few hundred dollars available to trade with. This means you need to find cheap trades to pick, and micro caps are a fantastic way around this problem. Since micro-cap stocks only cost a fraction of standard mid and generous cap stocks, they are a simple point of entry into the market and will get you a lot more from low startup than standard stocks.

Third, do you appreciate generous gains in stocks with high the makings risks? Typically, when it comes to day trading, the higher the risk, the higher the rewards. This is right when it comes to day trading micro-cap stocks as much as anything else. So when you take a look at micro-cap trading, you need to be aware that you are playing a delicate game with heavy profits available as a reward. If this makes you comfortable and you delight in the thought of heavy profits with the makings losses, then day trading penny stocks is quite likely for you!



Free Stock Picks | Basics Of A Stock Screener | Penny Stocks List

The basic course of action of a Stock Screener is, of searching for companies that meet definite financial criterion. It has three components namely a database of companies, a set of variables and a screening engine that finds the companies that satisfy those variables and generates a list of matches.

Here, it can be the well admitted that selecting good stocks isn’t easy at all. In the recent count there were over 17,000 publicly traded companies in the United States alone. The steep volume of companies makes zeroing in on a good stock quite difficult.

Similarly, the huge amount of data on the web doesn’t make things any easier. It’s actually a hard task to sort out the useful information from the worthless data. Fortunately, a Stock Screener can help you focus on the stocks that meet your standards and suit your strategy. Here we look at what a Stock Screener is and how it can work for you.

The Stock Screener features include a detailed technical and comparative company reports for each symbol along with hundreds of prescreens using both the technical and also the fundamental strategies. Each prescreen is connected and can be modified from the interface by the user.

This also includes a full technical report, standard and poors balance sheet, intra-day charting and the company profiles too. This combination of features makes the Stock Screener the most powerful screener available.

Using A Stock Screener

Using a Stock Screener can be quite easy. The good one will allow you to search using just about any metric or decisive factor you wish. When you finish inputting your answers, you get a list of stocks that meet your requirements. Seems simple, right!

Now, by focusing on the considerable factors affecting a stock’s price, Stock Screener helps their users perform a quantitative analysis. In other words, because it, the screening focuses on tangible variables such as market capitalization, revenue, volatility and profit margins, as well as performance ratios such as the P/E ratio or debt-to-equity ratio. For many noticeable reasons, you cannot use a Stock Screener to search for a company that makes the best products.

Customizable Stock Screener

The major three of the best free Stock Screener on the web includes those offered by the Yahoo Finance, MSN Money and also the Morningstar. All three have basic and the advanced too.

The basic Stock Screener has a predestined set of variables whose values you set as your criteria. Let’s consider for an example, one of the variables on the Morningstar basic Stock Screener is of lowest amount capitalization, for which you choose one of the six different values to be the smallest market cap you want to see in a company.

The more advanced Stock Screener demands more from investors. There are, in general, three parts to each criterion setting: the criterion variable, the value and the condition. The criterion is the given quantitative metric, such as the P/E ratio, and the value refers to the numerical constraint on the measure.

The condition refers to how you want your criterion to compare to the value. If, in case, you wanted your criterion to equal the value, you would use ‘=’. If you wanted it to be greater than, you’d enter ‘the greater than or equal to sign’, and if you wanted it to be less than, you’d use ‘less than or equal to sign’. Again for an example, if you wanted a P/E greater than 25, the variable would be the P/E ratio, the value would be 25 and the condition would be ‘the greater than or equal to …

Free Stock Picks | A Discussion Of Stock Picks

Stock Picks are a great way to find new investment ideas, hot stocks, and hot industries. Some stock plays are penny stocks, some are stock trades that could have a huge amount of potential. Investors should never invest in a stock pick unless they can afford to lose their entire investment.

Stock investing isn’t without its fair share of risk and investors should consider their own risk tolerance level and always consult their financial advisor. When finding stock ideas it’s important to screen stocks and make a list of stocks to start watching. Some of the best stocks are found by completing your own due diligence and learning as much as you can about stocks through books and other media. Experience in the stock market is also very important. Experience comes with stock trading and stock research.

The stock news is important to pay attention to when you find a stock pick and want to follow the stock. Also, investment newsletters usually follow stock picks and stock ideas. Investing in stocks requires attention to detail and what industries are hot and which ones are not. As they say, a rising tide can lift all ships, this goes the same for stocks sometimes. Stocks in an industry that is hot become hot stocks as a group and many of them begin to move within that industry. This can be small-cap stocks, cheap stocks, value stocks or others.

Penny Stock Picks require investment research and there is not as much stock information on them. Remember, to always complete your own stock analysis on penny stock picks. NASDAQ and AMEX stocks are also popular in the stock market.

It is important to look at a stocks balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. Usually, a stock pick profile will cover one if not all of these financial statements. There are also key ratios that investors can use as tools to consider the value of a stock when completing investment research.
A ratio that is one of the most well-known is the P/E ratio, known as just the PE ratio or Price to Earnings ratio or even known as the “earnings multiple” / “multiple”. A higher P/E ratio means that investors are paying more for each unit of income. A P/E ratio of a stock is a measure of the price paid for a share relative to the annual income or profit earned by the firm per share. The P/E ratio is calculated by dividing the stock price of a share by the annual earnings per share. Annual earnings per share are known as EPS. Generally, stocks with higher earnings growth will have a higher P/E and those with lower earnings growth will have a lower P/E.
Some investors like to do day trading, also known as swing trading. There are a lot of good stocks that are free stock picks out there that give new stock ideas to those not finding as many new stocks as they’d like. Market timing can be very important as well.


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Jobless Claims Not That Bad


jobless claims penny stocks 300x201 Jobless Claims Not That BadStock Futures are up this AM, due to jobless claims falling to 473000. This number wasn’t great, but it was much better than the week before, when claims were over 500000.

To put this number in perspective, claims rose to the 650000 range last year and a claim number in the 350000-400000 range is generally viewed as a positive for the economy. My sense is that the downfall this week was in anticipation of a disastrous number. Well, it looks like short sellers may be disappointed and a bounce potentially could be near.

Keep in mind that we have some other factors that could be used a rationale for a bounce. First, we have poor investor sentiment, which has led to anemic volume, all the way from the NYSE down to the penny stock market. We also, have see takeover fever. Large cap companies are going on a buying spree and using cash a the vehicle. Companies like Dell , BHP Billiton and Intel obviously see value at these levels. penny stocks 2017 to watch Lastly, this morning’s number could be pointing to the fact that the economy may not be good, but at the same time isn’t as bad as people think.

Hopefully, this leads to some bottom fishing in the near term. Many of us own blue chip stocks that are down. Some of us also own once hot penny stocks that have lost the interest of investors. My advice is to re-evaluate your portfolio and add to some fallen positions if it makes sense. After you compile your blue chip and penny stock lists. Review each position and see if anything has changed fundamentally. Now if your current losses in the position are not that big, it may may sense to average down.

Adding new positions also might make sense if you have the liquidity. Especially since we may have seen the bottom already in oil prices. A bounce in oil has recently seemed to be a catalyst to the market and could rally the larger exchanges and make quality commodity based penny stocks look attractive.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it is done relatively small. While we may turn higher from here looking for bounces and bottoms doesn’t always work.

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Initial Public Offerings INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERINGS Initial Public Offerings

seem to be a moot point right now, but that can change quickly. Especially if the market all of of a sudden capitulates. Ask yourself this question. Why are companies like Groupon and Yelp still looking to go public in the near future despite these market conditions ? Maybe they think we are near a bottom.

 Well it’s pretty simple, Initial public offerings are a fickle beast. The only constant, is how to buy them if you are a long term holder. Plus, it’s common knowledge that some of these enormous Initial Public Offerings valuations have been reset to the downside in this current market. So maybe some potential bargains will be coming to market in the near future. Here are some tips below on the subject:

LOOK AT THE PROSPECTUS- A lot of quality behind the scenes info is available in this type of legal document. Insider selling and compensation are always topics that can create negative interest. However, a prospectus is a great source for a general vibe on the company’s future prospects.

COMPARE TO INDUSTRY- Like most initial public offerings, stocks have peers. zecco penny stocks This type of due diligence only requires simple math that involves comparing revenues, earnings and market caps to see if the Initial Public Offerings in question is expensive or inexpensive relative to the group. For instance, if you buy an Initial Public Offerings that all of a sudden becomes worth 3x the market leader in the first two days of trading, it might be wise to take a profit.


DO YOU FLIP ?- The flipping of an initial public offerings is usually a sensitive topic. Most brokerage firms discourage it, but the strategy of selling quickly for a profit is often the safest way to play the spec names. However, massive gains can potentially be achieved if an investor does his homework and truly buys into the quality of the business. Do you think flippers of Google wish they still owned their positions instead of taking a small gain. Holding IPO‘s for the long term isn’t for everyone, but it’s something to consider on an individual basis.

DON’T WASTE TIME- This is something that many chasers of initial public offerings don’t seem to grasp. Let’s say Jane Doe has $100k at ABC Brokerage and a super hot deal is about to come to market. Now what I mean by super hot is 20x to 40x oversubscribed. Which basically means there are far more buyers than stock available. In this scenario, odds are that Jane isn’t going to receive an IPO allocation because institutions and super high net worth clients are going to take the overwhelming majority of the firms’ economics. Mainly because these super clients generate a large amount of commissions and if a bone is going to be thrown, it will be thrown to them. So in this case, if you are a regular investor and like the company, don’t make 25 phone calls trying to get offering shares. Save your energy and focus on your aftermarket strategy.

Check back for more color and insight on initial public offerings.…


Pegasus Tel (PTEL:OB) PTEL has shown us monster volume in the last few days and is currently the second most active penny stock in the entire market, but shares are basically flat on volume that has exceeded 170 million shares so far today. Here is some food for thought that hasn’t been realized by some, many sub penny stocks fluctuate within the spread. PTEL is a great example of that today, with sells indicating a negative 50% move and buys bringing the shares back to the flat line. Remember, there are astute traders that make decent livings playing this game. But the strategy isn’t for novices.

Quest Oil (QOIL:OB) QOIL has frequently been on most active lists. This penny name is also trading even for the day with current volume near 43 million shares.

Universal Detection (UNDT:OB) UNDT has been known as penny stock security play for some time, and has also been a promo stock with less than stellar results. However, UNDT has crept into the top 10 most active bulletin board stocks today, and is flat on a little more than 16 million shares. Just keep in mind that there were only a few large trades that made up the volume today.

Eline Entertainment (EEGI:PK) EEGI is flying today and is currently up 350% on volume of more than 51 million shares. top 5 penny stocks to buy 2015 EEGI could be very active on message boards tonight, so watch for potential follow through on the open from newbie longs.

Left Behind Games (LFBG:PK) LFBG finishes out our list as the most heavily penny stock in the market. Shares are currently trading the spread and are even for the day on volume of more than 176 million shares. Watch the level 2 on this one if you are looking to scalp, because there is serious size on the offer.

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Lows of 2008 and 2009

lows of 2008 and 2009 Lows of 2008 and 2009Today, we are coming to you with an entry that focuses on the lows of 2008 and 2009. Those miserable days seem to be eerily familiar right now, but money was made by value orientated longs who looked at the value of the company and not the charts or current market conditions.

Now many of our PSE followers know that we try to provide color on technical analysis, but if the market capitulates, you have the throw technicals out the window. Lows of 2008 and 2009 still remain.

In a nutshell, capitulation basically happens when investors panic and sell equities and rotate to cash, CD’s or bonds. In other words, the retail investor has thrown in the towel, and institutions are liquidating to meet redemption’s. Smart money types like Warren Buffet often profit when this happens, not only because of his infinite wisdom, but Buffet has an extended time horizon on his long positions as well.

Some technicians are looking for a break of 1100 on the S&P 500 on heavy volume for the capitulation signal. It almost happened today, but the market seemed to stabilize. Don’t think for one minute that the talking heads won’t be throwing around the “Black Monday” term tomorrow if the market remains weak. While we are not in the business of picking bottoms in the broader indexes, we think it’s wise to build a list of quality names just in case a drop happens. It is wise to remember the lows of 2008 and 2009.

Lows of 2008 and 2009 Still Linger

All to often investors lose all rationale when the market is killed and don’t focus on taking advantage of somebody else’s weakness. penny stocks charles schwab There were several bargains back during the lows of 2008 and 2009 and a select few retail investors made massive percentage gains buying the dip. The only requirements then were knowledge, staying power, liquidity and patience.

Here are some names that are not only quality trading stocks, but solid companies as well. These stocks could potentially retest their lows of 2008 and 2009. Below are some names and their absolute lows during the 2008-2009 periods:

Ingersoll Rand (IR:NYSE) 11.46
Goldman Sachs (GS:NYSE) 47.41
Bank of America (BAC:NYSE) 2.83
Apple Computer (AAPL:NASDAQ) 78.19
JP Morgan (JPM:NYSE) 14.96
Exxon Mobil (XOM:NYSE) 56.51
Sprint Nextel (S:NYSE) 1.35
Microsoft (MSFT:NASDAQ) 14.87
Potash (POT:NYSE) 15.84
Newmont Mining (NEM:NYSE) 21.17

For now, keep these prices from the lows of 2008 and 2009 handy on a just in case basis.

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CRWV RUMORS | Penny Stocks

*****CRWV UPDATE*****

Wednesday, August 31st, 2017
At the time of this entry CRWV rumors are abundant, but shares are getting smashed. Shares of this active penny stock are down over 30%. It seems like the promo is still on, but my sense tells me that naked shorts are getting even more aggressive and weak handed longs are bailing.
Here at PSE, we like to bring active trading vehicles to the attention of our readers and subscribers, and CRWV potentially fits the bill. Yesterday, we saw Crowne Ventures (CRWV.PK) CEO Dane Peterson deny any substance to the message board/chat room type buyout CRWV rumors. Peterson was savvy and quick enough to deny the rumors $4 takeover price byYamanaa Gold (AUY: NYSE). However, the frequent PR’s released by CRWV do seem fluffy, and the value of the potential gold finds seems a little bit high, especially for a pink sheets penny stock.
But, does the lack of fundamentals and current negativity surrounding CRWV stop the name from being a quality trading vehicle? Absolutely not. There have been internet based CRWV rumors and comparisons to Lithium Exploration Group (LEXG.OB) and Portage Resources (POTG.PK) for a few days now. Please keep in mind that despite the fact both of these names have consequently smashed aggressive penny stock longs, there was money to be made in both as they began to move higher.
But here’s the key, if you intend to buy rising, hot penny stocks, you need to look at the technicals and have a short-term time frame. Otherwise, the potential to be eventually whipsawed in a quick decline becomes more and more likely.
At this point the line in the sand for CRWV longs seems to be near the 4 cent level for longs, an a break of this number could lead to a retest of the 2 cent range.
In closing, be cautious on any CRWV rumors or PR’s, because the charts and tape might be telling you a different story.
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CRWV Volume Rising

do penny stocks ever reach a dollar Here at PSE, we try to issue pieces that give some guidance to aggressive traders, and CROWN VENTURES INC. NEW (PINK: CRWV) has popped up on our radar screen. By no means are we recommending a purchase of CRWV, because at this point the shares should just be viewed as a trading vehicle?
At the time of this entry on Monday, CRWV is up about 18% on fairly heavy volume, which has eclipsed 43 million. At this point some could say the gains in CRWV are simply the product of penny stock gold players jumping in (Even though gold is off sharply today), others may credit the upward move to a strong stock promotion, but more importantly, there is a strong vibe in the penny stock community that a potential short squeeze might be underway with CRWV.
It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that naked shorts are involved in many rising penny stocks, and these same prop traders and market makers are often right when they catch an overbought penny stock at the tail end of its move.
Now last week CRWV announced that its properties have potentially $3 Billion of gold on them. Is that a stretch? Probably. But does that mean that market makers might be caught short? Well, that remains to be seen.

CRWV Showing Strong Signs

Some of you may remember Cascadia Investments (CDIV.PK), which was a gaming play that basically had no revenues and was under major scrutiny from the press. However, that didn’t stop shorts from getting absolutely killed …