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The OTCBB is the essence of capitalism, it represents small companies fighting for survival in a world dominated by BIG CORPORATIONS. That is probably what draws us to this market, we are cheering for the Under Dog. Our investment in a penny stock company is “venture capital” that keeps these companies afloat while they struggle towards profitability. We have told many of my friends that investing in microcap stocks is like investing in Joe’s Garage in your neighborhood, except riskier. At Least you can stop by and visit with Joe and see how the business is performing. With OTCBB companies the financial information is usually limited and most of the news releases are actually press releases furnished and written by the companies themselves so your information is a little bias or tainted. You are investing based on MOMENTUM and nothing more in most cases. The trick is having the experience and knowledge to stay ahead of the information and identify momentum trends so you can capitalize on OTC Bulletin Board opportunities. That is where we become priceless.
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We focus on: Penny Stocks , Penny Stocks Trading , Penny Stock Picks , OTCBB News and Research . In a single trading day you can EARN a 100% plus gain on your OTCBB investment or lose your entire stake.  Most Penny stocks are controlled by Market Makers who move the stock so quickly up and down that either you can’t buy them before they have spiked up, or you can’t sell them before they have fallen through the floor.

Since February of 2000 we have been presenting penny stocks every week that we believe have the greatest potential to rise by 20% to 40% over a few days.  Our experience showed us that these stocks give the investor the best opportunity, in our opinion,  to receive a reasonably high return with less downside risk and less trading problems than you find with pump and dump stock picks.  We clearly post our track record for the last four years on the “Scoreboard” page, and suggest that our visitors review our record before subscribing.  Our penny stock newsletter and penny stocks web site is designed to share our opinions and penny stock picks developed from our years of experience and knowledge as penny stock investors. We also explain OTCBB strategies and ways to research otcbb stocks that we have used  to make money in the OTC Bulletin Board Market.

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Penny Stock Advisory Newsletter started three years ago during the final phase of the biggest “Bull
Market” we have ever seen. Since that time the markets


Prepare for Penny Stock Investments

Penny stock investments require a lot of diligence on your part. As a potential investor, you become a part of the company by purchasing its stocks. You are giving your money for a part of the traded company. Whether you are making short term or long term commitments, the statement will remain true for the either case. You can’t invest in any company for making money and become a part of the growing penny stock industry. There is full fledge analysis required for the same. The direction, profit and productivity of the company will be required to consider while making the right choice.

Penny stock investors shouldn’t adopt the words of advertisements. The blind promotion and carefully crafted emails are created to just create hype. It is essential to find out the right company to make investment to gain from the investments. Promoters rely on the investor base to draw immediate funds by focusing on the minds of people. The blind followers take the words on heart and lose their money.

Promoters take the advantage of the customers who trust them and draw immediate actions appealing to their dreams. The common excitable language raises enthusiasm of investors and makes them tempted to act immediately. The best way to attract a potential investor to make long or short term investment is to see through the promotions very carefully and make research for any opportunity coming into the way. Filtering out the hype is the most important factor for any investor and the promotion mails should be recognized well before making the right decision. After all, it is the matter of your hard earned money and you can’t skip it anyway.

Prepare for Penny Stock Investments


Checking out the company’s stats will be an important step. It will almost give you an idea about the right going. Don’t look out for the logo as the fraud companies create similar logos as the successful companies. You need to check out the real name and data of the company to make the appropriate investment. It will lead you towards the right way to move in the world of investment. Looking at the company through their legal website would be recommendable. If you think that the financial stats, policies and blueprint of the company is good enough; just go for it. It will probably give you best responses in the long run.


In the times of recession, many new companies found their way to make good business and the people who trusted them (share holders) also got improvement through the results revealed. Your personal focus should be to find out more and more about the stocks in which you are making investment. Whether you are investing a few hundred or thousands of dollars, the major thing is to look out for the profitable stocks, which can give you the most desirable results. Get a quote from the trading fundamental groups and invest in stocks in a healthy way to get the best results. Penny stocks are risky, but many millionaires have attained their path through these investments.…

Choosing Best Penny Stocks for Investment

Choosing Best Penny Stocks for Investment

Penny stocks include the market area, which is unexplored by many people and a few get high ROI by investing in them. It can be dangerous to invest in penny stocks as these stocks are highly unpredictable and risky. This is the reason that most of the people feel afraid to get these stocks. Penny stocks are low priced and many of them are worth only a few cents. Hence, the chances of losing money are big because you can’t depend on the wrong modes for making investment. You have to think about the most desirable penny stocks to make investment.

Penny stocks have attained their name from their ‘low priced’ structure. These stocks are highly volatile and have low liquidity than the major stock listings. It means that you can buy hundreds of shares in a company, but the cost per share would be less. Penny stocks are not safe and there is no guarantee for the profit attained through these stocks. These are associated with new companies or very small segment companies. Hence, the chances of growth are less in comparison to the major stock exchange listings.

Penny  stocks have cheap pricing and issued by the small market capitalization. Investors find it as cheap entry to the market, which can probably result into huge gains. The best penny stocks are not actually found very easily. It requires 90% of the investor’s experience and 10% luck to find out the most promising stocks. There is information available for many stocks on the web and the investors need to be observant to get the maximum details for price movements, news and updates of any stocks. It will improve their decision making for making the best moves for stocks.

Choosing Best Penny Stocks for Investment


Penny stocks research is very important for a successful investment venture. You can analyze the history of stocks and the company to make the right decision. The information can be helpful in guiding the right way to move with best information and stats. The background of stocks to be purchased should be thoroughly researched beforehand and then the decision should be made to purchase them. It is not the matter of hundreds of dollars that you are spending, but your trust on the stock actually matters in making the right choice.

Penny stock investments are highly susceptible to market risks and  proper homework is to be done before making the right investment. Research is an essential part of the investment and studying the fluctuations would be the utmost requirement of the investor. Background of the stocks you look for should be well researched to make the right move. You must look out for the company’s revenue growth, which is the major element in making your decision. High profits will tempt you to invest more and make you a kind of greedy. However, you have to remain calm and make choice for the well deserving penny marijuana stocks. The companies dwelling in debts won’t make out the best leads and your focus should remain on selecting the most rewarding stocks giving you unsurpassed results.…


Penny Stock Investors: Ignore Fake hypes

Most of the investors become pessimistic by undertaking the most recent financial headlines to the heart. Forecasters look for various options online or even in the newspapers and business magazines to make investment. There are plenty of them thinking about making the money with penny stocks without bearing any losses. There is no one in this world who actually wants to be in losses. The sentiments of investors are almost the same everywhere and hence, they have to be patient and firm enough to trust on the right statements. click here for more details.

Americans grew more pessimistic about the job market with the times of recent recession. The confidence of consumers fell off and the indexes were badly hurt. There were only 2% of the new companies excelling in their ventures and truly made a great beginning. Rest 98% got losses and these tremendous downtimes shed the trust of investors. The economy expansion goes in up and down graphs by the different circumstances faced by the companies. Economy has grown slowly and the new companies have taken up their charge for appropriate predictions. With the growth of new companies, penny stock investments have initiated to gain investment money from many investors to begin the business appropriately.



Sales of new and existing penny stocks have increased with time and attained growth from the past recession levels. There are many pros of choosing the penny stocks. You can get hundreds of stocks by spending less in investment. There are thousands of penny stocks listed in the pink sheets or OTCBB. The investors have to choose the most appropriate ways to find out the best stock. It requires time and efforts to find out the most promising stocks.

There are many sources for gathering information about penny stocks. The biggest thing is to forget all the hypes and make your own list from the picks given by experts. You will have many options to choose from and it will be good to play with your own set of stocks. Now, the question comes for the ways to choose the best stocks. The strategies for every person to select the best stocks are different and the trends in penny stocks are variable. Company’s analysis for choosing the best penny stocks is important in making the right move. You can gather the necessary information and enjoy the best ride in the appropriate investments. There are risks involved in penny stocks and what matters is the way to carry forward those risks and enjoy the ride.

‘Pump and Dump’ schemes are associated with penny stocks and you have to know the right ways to check out these scams, which can ruin all your investments. Penny stocks are remarkable investments and there are a very few sources giving appropriate suggestions for the purchase of best  stocks. The scams associated with penny stocks are actually so intense that you will feel afraid to be a part of these stocks now and then. People are usually more scared of penny stocks and think that these investments are not worth; but in real sense, penny stocks are highly rewarding for the people who choose them wisely.…


Stop losing money with Penny Stocks

If you are a curious investor and have got tired of receiving the hot stock tips and newsletters with 1000% return, then this article is for you. Such news is actually annoying for the major reasons like:

  • You don’t know the source and don’t trust it too
  • Even if the tips are true, why should the investor care about

There are not all the people interested into investments. Most of the people are scared and others don’t care about them.


Penny stock guides are available on the web to help you to stop losing your money. You have to find out the appropriate spot on the web to begin with penny stocks. The beginning is as follows:

Stop losing money with Penny Stocks

Begin learning and doing the tasks


Penny stock investors should subscribe to alerts and paid newsletters from the trusted sources. Blogs also help in getting right information about these stocks. You can ask yourself if the information is actually helping you in making the profits. If you are absorbing positive information, it would help in the long run to invest in penny stocks or even in major market stocks.

Find best microcap stock investor

If you have completed the information to gain about penny stock investments, it would be great to find out the best microcap stock expert who can really help you with the best leads. Remember, the top investment strategies would be helpful in making better subscriptions. Learn about the right ways to trade and gather all the information to understand things in a better way. Learn to think like they think and anticipate the things in a better way. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and make sure that you read all the necessary information about any company before making the investment.


Your learning will help n all the ways to model the things in a better way by learning what the experts teach. Understanding about market will always be a plus in determining your success rate.


Difference between a regular investor and penny stock investor


Penny Stock Investors are different from regular investors in the way that there are very less people interested in the former ones. The truth is that there is not any difference in the way of trading of penny stocks and regular stocks. Penny stocks are traded on the pink sheets and OTCBB and regular stocks have existence on major stock exchanges. Sometimes, the returns of penny stocks are much higher than the regular stocks and it can make you earn thousands of dollars within no time. It can also make you lose all the investments within no time.


The probability is variable when it comes to trading. Buying on low prices and selling on higher is not the only way out for penny stocks. You need to make smart moves to know about the companies and then deciding your future with them. The fundamentals of a stock have to be looked for to get profit margin. Buy the stocks of a reputed company to make sure that you’ve followed the right path to invest.